New South Wales Treasury Corporation - Term Deposits

Term Deposits

TCorp facilitates a range of term deposit solutions. We work with our clients to match their needs and objectives to the most appropriate term deposit solution.

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Bank Term Deposit Distribution Service

TCorp makes it easy for our clients to manage their term deposits efficiently with our centralised term deposit distribution service. Drawing on our relationships with a panel of Australian banks, we negotiate competitive rates over a range of terms for our clients. Each day, we post current rates on the TCorp Client Portal so our clients can select the term deposits that best meet their needs.

For clients with specific needs, such as explicit maturity dates or high balances, we can negotiate and arrange custom solutions with banks on our panel.

TCorp Tailored Deposits

TCorp offers Tailored Deposits to clients looking to invest cash on a short term basis that is surplus to their current working capital requirements. A deposit can be for any maturity date longer than 30 days, allowing clients to tailor the investment to match their specific timing requirements. Minimum investment is $1 million per Tailored Deposit. There are no fees charged on TCorp Tailored Deposits.

Please contact the TCorp Client Services team for current Tailored Deposit rates.

11am at Call

11am at Call is a deposit service for clients looking to invest their daily surplus cash balances in a highly liquid short-term account. TCorp accepts deposits and withdrawals until 11am each day. The interest rate payable on 11am at Call funds is calculated daily, with accrued interest paid on the first day of the following month.