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TCorp provides tailored financial markets advice to New South Wales public sector agencies to help manage their financial risk effectively and efficiently. We have the expertise and experience to help our clients with the management of debt, investments and financial risks.

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Why TCorp?

Debt Management

TCorp helps clients by ensuring they have appropriate financing in place and that it is effectively managed. Our debt management services include:

  • fully outsourced debt portfolio management
  • debt portfolio risk analytics and identifying benchmarks within defined policy and risk parameters
  • advice in relation to treasury management policies and governance frameworks
  • debt advisory
  • new debt and refinancing advice
  • reporting on debt portfolio
  • issue of performance guarantees on behalf of clients.

Investment Management

TCorp works with clients to ensure they are maximising outcomes from their investments. Our investment management services include:

  • fully outsourced investment portfolio management
  • advice in relation to investment management policies and governance frameworks
  • investment strategy advisory
  • analysing investment risk
  • reporting on investment portfolios.

Financial and Risk Advice

TCorp advises clients on effective methods for financing their activities and maximising their use of capital. Our services include:

  • capital structure analysis
  • debt benchmarking
  • credit metric analysis
  • financial market rates and risk pricing
  • financial and risk advice related to infrastructure projects including public-private partnerships
  • financial analysis and risk advice on transactions including asset financing
  • long term financial plans for Local Councils.

Asset financing

Financial Markets Risk Management

TCorp helps its clients manage their exposure to financial markets risk through effective hedging strategies, including:

  • interest rate hedging through the use of financial markets instruments
  • foreign exchange instruments to hedge the Australian dollar price for a future contract payment.

Foreign exchange risk

Benefits of partnering with TCorp

Financial Expertise

We have broad expertise across the financial markets backed by a 30-year track record of successfully delivering for our clients and the state of New South Wales.

A Genuine Partner in Success

Like you, our major stakeholder is the New South Wales Government, so you can be confident that our interests are aligned with yours. We’re passionate about getting great outcomes for New South Wales by delivering our clients the best financial markets can offer.

Specialised Solutions

TCorp's investment solutions are specifically designed to work within government parameters, and suit the financial needs and risk tolerance of our clients.

Cost Effective

Our centralised operational model generates economies of scale, which allows us to provide cost-effective products and services.