New South Wales Treasury Corporation - Short Term Programme

Short Term Programme

TCorp issues a range of short maturity issuance to meet the short term funding needs of our clients. Our Short Term Programme includes domestic promissory notes, cash and short term deposits and Euro commercial paper.

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T: +61 2 9325 9340


Domestic Promissory Notes

Promissory notes, also known as TCorp Notes, are a premium quality, short term Australian Dollar investment. They are available to financial intermediaries on an open access basis – that is, there is no fixed dealer panel.

Key Details

Issuer TCorp
Guarantor The Crown in Right of New South Wales
Issuing and Paying TCorp
Rating Standard & Poor's A1+
Moody's Investors Service: Prime-1
Currency Australian Dollars
Maturities No specific limits, but normally less than one year
Listing The notes will not be listed on any stock exchange
Format of Notes Electronic form held on Austraclear

Cash and Short Term Deposits

TCorp is an active participant in short term money markets, as a borrower and an investor. This is part of the ongoing requirement to manage TCorp's short term funding and liquidity levels. TCorp’s counterparts include local and international banking institutions active in the Australian money markets.

Euro Commercial Paper

TCorp maintains a US $10 billion Euro Commercial Paper Programme to source short-dated funding from offshore markets.

The programme provides international investors with short-term investments across a broad range of currencies. Issuance is conducted through an appointed dealer panel.

For further information, including selling restrictions, please contact TCorp or an ECP panel member.


New South Wales Treasury Corporation


The Crown in Right of NSW

Programme Rating
  • Standard & Poor's: A-1+

  • Moody's Investors Service: P-1

Issue and Principal
Paying Agent

Citibank, N.A, London Branch


Not less than 7 days and not more than 365 days


Australian Dollars

US Dollars


Japanese Yen


Hong Kong Dollars

Swiss Francs

Canadian Dollars

New Zealand Dollars

Other currencies subject to national regulations


The notes will not be listed on any stock exchange

Information Memorandum

Euro Commercial Paper Information Memorandum