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Delivering excellence in financial markets for local councils.

TCorp is the financial markets partner of the New South Wales public sector. We deliver debt financing and investment outcomes for our clients using our financial markets expertise and significant economies of scale.. As a New South Wales Government entity, we have a unique understanding of our clients and share a genuine alignment of interests with New South Wales local councils.

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TCorp offers loan facilities to New South Wales local councils seeking funding for projects which make up part of their annual expenditure programme. Loan facilities, at competitive rates, are available to local councils who qualify, or have an approved plan in place to qualify, under the NSW Government's financial sustainability benchmarks and satisfy TCorp’s credit criteria.

Low Cost Loans Initiative for councils

TCorp may provide councils with loans for the Low Cost Loans Initiative. The Low Cost Loans Initiative (LCLI) will support local councils to borrow up to $500 million for infrastructure that enables new housing supply by halving the cost of interest on their loans. This will allow councils to bring forward delivery of planned infrastructure in new housing areas.


TCorp provides a range of opportunities for local councils looking to generate a return from their available investment funds. We work with local councils to match their needs and objectives to the most appropriate products and services.

Our TCorpIM investment products fall within the eligible forms of investment for local councils under the Ministerial Investment Order. They range from short-term, low risk cash products to long-term diversified growth products.

We have a Bank Term Deposit Distribution Service that allows clients access to competitive deposit rates from a panel of Australian banks.

The TCorp Client Portal allows local councils to check balances, apply for loans, make investments and view reports in one secure location.

We draw on our expertise in financial markets, investments and risk management to provide commercial and prudent investment solutions. Our products and services are designed to meet the needs of public sector clients, with a strong focus on risk tolerance, governance and due diligence.

Financial Markets Advice

TCorp provides tailored financial markets advice to local councils to optimise financial outcomes.

We have the expertise to help local councils with:

  • debt management

  • investment management

  • financial risk management

  • financial management policy review and development.

To learn more about how TCorp can help, we encourage local councils to contact us.

Services for Local Councils

Describes the services offered by TCorp to local councils.

Loan Facility Application Form

Use this application form to apply for a local council loan from TCorp.

Loan Application Checklist

Use this checklist to make sure you provide all the documentation required for TCorp to process your council's loan application.

TCorp Client Portal Access and Authority Form

Complete this form to register for access to the TCorp Client Portal and to register Authorised Users for your TCorp account(s).

Loan Facilities Guidelines

These guidelines provide the policy framework and outline the application procedures for local councils seeking to borrow funds from TCorp.

Council Declaration Form

This declaration must be completed and supplied with Loan Facility Application Form submitted to TCorp

Loan Facility Drawdown Procedures

Describes the drawdown procedures (after completion of all documentary formalities).

New Account Form

Complete this form before Council's first transaction with TCorp.