Investment Stewardship

TCorp believes that effective investment stewardship, including the integration of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors into the investment process and being an active owner of the companies held within the funds we manage, will lead to better risk-adjusted returns over time.

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In September 2016 the TCorp Board approved the TCorp Investment Stewardship Policy. Following approval of Investment Stewardship Policy, TCorp has commenced implementation of the policy. The implementation phase is expected to take place over calendar year 2017. Updates will be provided periodically on this website and by client reporting.

Activities Included in the Implementation Phase of the Investment Stewardship Policy

Defining global best-practice standards

Assessing investment manager ESG practices.

Establishing ESG integration processes, including engagement with investment managers and the management of climate change risk and opportunities.

Establishing active ownership practices, including the review of proxy voting procedures and company engagement.

Considering collaborative initiatives

Establishing reporting and disclosure protocols