New South Wales Treasury Corporation - TCorp Investment Management Overview

TCorp Investment Management Overview

TCorp Investment Management provides NSW Government agencies and other eligible clients with investment opportunities. We work with our clients to match their investment needs and objectives with the most appropriate products and services. Where our core offering isn’t suitable, we design tailored solutions that address their specific needs.

TCorp Investment Management currently manages A$106 billion of assets on behalf of clients (as at 31 March 2023).

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Investment Solutions

TCorpIM Funds

Access a range of multi-manager managed funds, including diversified funds.

Customised Investments

Access tailored investment solutions that meet specific needs.

Cash and Fixed Interest

Invest in income-generating portfolios designed to meet specific needs.

Is Your Organisation Eligible?

TCorp Investment Management’s solutions are available to all GSF agencies holding an appropriate financial arrangements approval as defined in the Government Sector Finance ACT (2018) NSW and certain other public bodies, local councils and universities.

Why TCorp?

Public sector expertise

TCorp is the only organisation that creates investment solutions specifically for NSW government agencies. We understand the challenges and risk profile of our public sector clients and design our solutions accordingly. Our highly experienced, professional investment team manage investment strategy, risk and implementation in a manner that works within government parameters and processes.

Cost effective solutions

With over $107 billion of assets under management, TCorp has great economies of scale resulting in lower cost-per-dollar of investment. This centralised model enables us to pass on real savings to our clients in the form of low fee structures.

Strong risk management

As a public sector investment manager, TCorp maintains a prudent approach to managing investment risk by ensuring that exposures are understood, transparent and suitable. We maintain appropriate levels of liquidity, use our investment expertise to minimise the risk of unrecoverable capital losses and avoid investments that have the potential to damage the reputation of our clients and the NSW Government.

Strong performance track record

TCorp has been managing investments for clients for more than 30 years across different market cycles. Our prudent approach has helped investors avoid pitfalls in times of market dislocation. For example, the TCorpIM Funds withstood the global financial crisis, remaining liquid with no forced selling into volatile markets.