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Government Agencies and Enterprises

Government agencies and public trading enterprises that need funding for their activities can secure a loan through TCorp. We work with our clients to match their needs and objectives to the right borrowing solution.

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Benefits of Borrowing from TCorp

Competitive Interest Rates

The funding task of the State of New South Wales is centralised under TCorp, which delivers economies of scale to the New South Wales public sector.


TCorp loans can be tailored to meet the various borrowing needs of our clients.

Expert Team

TCorp’s dedicated borrowing team assists clients with the creation and ongoing management of their debt portfolios.

Borrowing Options Available

Type Principal Interest Rate
Fixed Rate Loans Fixed principal repaid at maturity. Fixed coupons paid semi-annually in arrears.
Floating Rate Loans Fixed principal repaid at maturity. Re-set at regular intervals at a fixed margin relative to market rates on bank bills.
Inflation-Linked Loans Principal adjusted quarterly in line with CPI. Fixed coupons paid quarterly in arrears.
Inflation-Linked Year-on-Year Loans Fixed principal repaid at maturity. Real interest rate plus inflation component re-set and payable at regular intervals.
Credit Foncier Loans Principal amortised over life of loan with regular principal repayments. Regular interest payments at either fixed or floating rate.
Come & Go Facility Repay or withdraw principal by notice before 11am. Interest accrued daily and payable monthly.

How to Borrow

For organisations with approval from the NSW Treasurer to borrow under the Government Sector Finance Act 2018, the typical process for setting up a loan with TCorp is to:

  1. contact the TCorp Client Relationship Management team to discuss your requirements;
  2. complete the required forms and forward them to your Client Relationship Manager to set up the account; and
  3. agree the timing and type of borrowing with TCorp.

Use TCorp's Client Portal to securely approve transactions and view statements and reporting.