Delivering Excellence in Financial Markets for New South Wales

Invest in TCorp Bonds

TCorp issues bonds on behalf of the state of New South Wales that have the highest credit rating available (AAA/Aaa).

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Borrow Funds from TCorp

TCorp provides loans to New South Wales government agencies and other eligible clients.

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Investment Management

TCorp offers a range of investment solutions including the TCorpIM Funds and customised portfolios.

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Weekly Economic Insights

Stay up to date with the economic climate with our weekly report.

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Helping Local Councils

TCorp offers an investment management service and general financial advisory assistance to New South Wales local councils. We also offer loan facilities to New South Wales local councils deemed Fit for the Future, subject to credit criteria.

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Apply for a Job with TCorp

If you're looking to start or expand your career in financial markets and like the idea of making a positive contribution to New South Wales, then TCorp could be a great opportunity for you.


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16 February 2018
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16 February 2018
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06 February 2018
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Bonds for Retail Investors

New South Wales Waratah Bonds are an opportunity for everyday investors to access the steady income offered by bonds.

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