New South Wales Treasury Corporation - Customised Investments

Customised Investments

TCorp offers customised investment solutions to large investors with specific requirements. To meet those requirements, we construct uniquely-blended investments by using the TCorpIM building block Funds.

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Customised Investment Strategies

We take the time to understand the needs of our clients and tailor customised investment portfolios that best meet their objectives.

Competitive Fees

Our large size delivers economies of scale which reduce the cost-per-dollar of investment and result in considerably lower fees.

The scale of our investment business means we can provide customised portfolios with competitive fee structures.  

Public Sector Risk Appetite

TCorp is skilled in managing risk for public sector clients including maintaining appropriate levels of liquidity, minimising the risk of unrecoverable capital losses and avoiding investments that have potential to damage the reputation of our clients and the New South Wales Government.

Dedicated Investment Professionals

Our highly experienced, professional investment team manages investment strategy, risk and implementation in a manner that meets the needs of public sector organisations.