New South Wales Treasury Corporation - Borrowing from TCorp

Borrowing from TCorp

TCorp is the central borrowing authority for the New South Wales public sector. We are responsible for funding the State's annual funding programme and lending to New South Wales public authorities and businesses.

Strong investor demand for New South Wales securities, combined with TCorp’s economies of scale, means we provide a lower cost of borrowing for our clients.

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New South Wales Government Agencies and Enterprises

TCorp provides loans to general government agencies and public trading enterprises. To be eligible, your organisation requires approval from the NSW Treasurer to borrow under the Government Sector Finance Act 2018.

Tailored Financial Markets Advice

Manage financial risk efficiently with TCorp's tailored financial advice.

Eligibility to Borrow

Clients that have approval from the New South Wales Treasurer to borrow under the Government Sector Finance Act 2018, can negotiate loans with TCorp that meet their funding needs.

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